Michele RooneyMichele Rooney

Honoring The Masculine Facilitator

Michele Rooney is a Physical Therapist, Embodiment and Balancing coach, leader and facilitator who is committed to supporting men and women in connecting on a deep level with themselves and others.  Her passion is to assist people to attain focus and clarity of their desires in order to create vibrant health, balance and harmony in their lives.

Her private practice in Physical Therapy is dedicated to sharing integrative, holistic techniques to optimize physical function and health with her clients.  As as Embodiment and Balancing Coach, she uses processes including the Passion Test, EFT, yoga and breathing to assist clients to connect with and through their bodies so that they can step up as conscious co-creators of their ideal lives.

She draws from her own personal path of physical, energetic and emotional integration and healing from a series of challenging life events, which set her on a journey of exploring presence, consciousness, expression and surrender.  She synthesizes a diverse educational and experiential background in Psychology, Physical Therapy and Personal Development to create powerful practices to bring personal and collective unity of Masculine and Feminine energy.