Sabrina ChawSabrina Chaw

Honoring The Masculine Facilitator

In 2001, Sabrina met a man, by the name of David Deida, who spoke about the Feminine, in ways she had never heard. He spoke about what really mattered to her, although he didn’t know her. She felt the deepest desires of her heart, which had been tempered, start to awaken for the first time in her life.

This led to Sabrina initiating women’s circles to form a community of women who longed to live a life that mattered…to live a life of openness, bliss, and love, etched in every crevice of their being.

In 2003, Sabrina started to apprentice under David Deida, and now co-leads the women’s portions of his workshops, as well as continues leading the women’s circles in San Francisco.