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There is an old adage: ask and you shall receive.

But the truth is, asking is only half the equation.

After you ask, you must open yourself to allow, and then you shall receive.

Ask, Allow, Receive.

How many times do you find yourself saying, “it’s too much”?

“I’m too much for others.”
“This emotion is too much; I can’t handle this flood of [anger, frustration, sadness, grief].”
“I’m overwhelmed … it’s too much.”

This conversation of “too much” is the Achilles Heel for leaders and is in direct proportion to your capacity to receive.

When you are thinking it is too much, you can’t fully Receive the Wealth that is all around you.
When you are overwhelmed, you can’t Receive Support to make things easier for you.
When you can’t handle anymore, you can’t Receive Resources to make greater impact.
When you are scared of the emotion and closing down your heart, you can’t fully Receive Love.

Over the past year while I was in “school” to be a new generation leader (if you missed last week’s post, you can read about it here), I had to go deep into this conversation and “clear” this old learning pattern of “too much” to open myself to receive.

In last week’s post, I gave an overview of the School for the New Generation Leader. Today, I am introducing you to the 1st of the 5 Major Learning Patterns, where “too much” falls under.


I always thought I had high self-esteem until I started doing this work. I thought I was confident and I came off to others as confident. But I soon realized that it was all a cover up so people didn’t see that I was actually unsure of myself, seeking approval from others, and not completely feeling worthy or deserving of receiving.

When you have true, healthy self-esteem, you know that …

* on the deepest level you are enough just as you are
* you have capacity to be a conduit for the divine to flow through you. Instead of contracting and saying “too much!” you open your heart and say “more please!”
* you can confidently lead others
* you are supported by the universe in your divine purpose

Here are my top 3 Insights that I had in the Self-Esteem Learning Pattern:

Awareness #1: I was constantly operating from “proving myself” because I didn’t feel good enough at my core.

I went to work to discover where this came from so I could clear it out. I found myself connecting with a 2 year old little Tanya who felt like she didn’t matter in the world and creating a new pattern for her where she felt safe and secure in her truth.

Awareness #2: I didn’t trust myself or others because ultimately I didn’t trust that a higher power existed, let alone have my back. I felt all alone in the world, asserting my leadership to feel worthy, capable and self-sufficient. I was forcing it because I didn’t really believe it.

God kept testing me to trust a higher power. Over and over again, I saw where I was trying to do it all by myself instead of finding partnership and co-creating with Spirit. As I cleared, I felt more and more connected to a higher power, developing more trust and faith in all of Life around me.

Awareness #3: I was afraid to ask for support because I was afraid of being overwhelming and being overwhelmed.

As I cleared, I also got to experience a flood of emotions, which not only didn’t kill me, but made me stronger. I continued to expand my capacity to receive more and more as I allowed myself to feel unconditionally.

(If you are wondering how I “cleared,” this is what we guide you through at the Live Immersion … details below.)

There is an epidemic on this planet of “not enoughness.” The #1 thing holding us back from having what we really want is this conversation of “too much.”

We were told we were too much as a child.
We were overwhelmed by our own emotions.
We were taught to close ourselves off to stay safe and not get hurt, so we in turn shut ourselves off from trusting and receiving.

To clear “too much” on the subconscious level will open you up to receive more.

Receive wealth and thrive.
Receive support and work with ease and grace.
Receive resources to expand your impact.
Receive love.

If you are resonating with this and feel your heart saying “more please!” then I invite you to go a little deeper and join us for the Live Immersion.

On the other hand, if you feel your mind contracting in the space of “too much” because you are overwhelmed with all that you got going on and you feel like you are a hamster on the wheel, then I definitely invite you to lean in with me. You will keep spinning until you clear this one from the root.

The School for the New Generation Leader is now. open for enrollment.

If you are ready to “unlearn” what’s blocking you on the subconscious level so you can step fully into your purpose on a deeper level with effortless flow, we’ve got our Live lmmersion Program starting on the weekend of June 19-21 in San Diego.

This Live Immersion Program is for those who are ready to do the work. You are …

* tired of holding yourself back and ready to claim the truth of who you are.

* ready to step out from behind the scenes and take center stage to share your gifts with the world.

* ready to uplevel your game completely.

* ready to lead others, facilitate your tribe, and speak your truth.

If you are ready to stand firmly in your commitment to healing yourself and do the required work to really clear yourself at the root level, email and we’ll schedule a call to talk about registration for the Live Immersion Program.


PS. Stay tuned for the next lesson on the 2nd Learning Pattern: Expressing Needs and Wants.

This one is all about getting your needs met as a leader so you stop giving it all away, burning yourself out and being resentful of others. This is a BIG ONE!

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