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I have been applying a lesson from my mentor that we have two wings:

One wing is our self-effort, the other wing is the grace of God.

The wing of the grace of God is always moving. This is the universe at work. Always working. Always flowing like the breath and heart beat. It is consistent.

If that wing is flapping alone, the bird cannot get off the ground. If we put too much self-effort in, we go in circles.

We need to have our self-effort be in sync with the grace of God in order to move forward.

I have struggled during my journey to trust the grace of God.
To trust that the wing is always moving.
To trust that life works.
To trust the laws of the universe.
To trust that I am fully supported.

I’ve been asking what it will take for me to trust the grace of God. I keep letting go and then go right back to worry, doubt and fear. I want to live completely in alignment with the grace of God and to feel that support in every inch of my body.

What will it take?

Today, the answer came:


An attitude of gratitude. To express and feel gratitude for how things are moment by moment. Not getting caught up in how I want them to be, but how perfectly life is working already.

To see the silver lining in every perceived breakdown.
To see the opportunity.
To see that it is perfect. Always.

Yes, I have gratitude for all that I’ve called in that I’ve wanted, but can I have that same gratitude for the things that are happening that I don’t necessarily want? Simply because they are happening for a reason beyond my comprehension for my highest good?

That is the attitude of gratitude.

Here is an exercise for you:

Think of a time when something happened to you that you didn’t want. How did you feel in your body?

Now see the opportunity, the lesson and express your gratitude. Now how do you feel?

I’ll give you an example:

In Peru, our flight was delayed and we had to spend the night in Cusco.

I was tired. I was frustrated. I was agitated. Contracted.

One of the women who was with me said: “there is a silver lining here!”

I immediately shifted my energy and expressed gratitude for the situation.

Before we knew it, we were put up in a hotel with a three course dinner and breakfast. Our hotel room was 10x nicer than the place we would have stayed at in Lima. It was perfect. We felt AMAZING.

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment with your story of expressing an attitude of gratitude below.


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  1. Kathy says : Reply

    I had a similar experience having a flight delayed in Spain, so I missed my connecting flight in London. I surrendered my frustration and decided God was sending me on an adventure. The airline put me up for the night at a lovely hotel with a dinner and breakfast included and I caught a direct flight home to Canada. If my original flight plans had worked out, I would have had a 7 hour layover in Boston in the middle of the night. Life really is always trying to support us. It has taken me many years to truly believe this, but I now KNOW there is a silverlining in every situation, I just have to be willing to change my perception.

  2. Maria Mar says : Reply

    Hi Tanya,

    I totally relate. I’m in a journey to lift my vibrations as the MAIN tool to manifest, and the lessons that have come ~from different sources~ ALL coincide in that the process includes being grateful for and accepting what is now in the full understanding that it is perfect. It’s a little tricky because the Tiny Mind (Ego Mind, Logical Mind) can’t deal with this. It asks for evidence. But the evidence it requires is all from the past because it cannot imagine or believe; so that is a voice of doubt and resistance. “I can’t say that it is perfect. It is NOT perfect. I don’t have this or that, and I haven’t seen this or that result, blah, blah.) Because we are domesticated to get out of the BodySoul, out of the heart and Creative Intuitive Mind and emotions, we give the Tiny Mind too much power. That makes it a bit more challenging. But when we bring our BodySoul, heart and Creative Genius and our connection to Soul and Source, then it gets easy. It is about living in Grace. That’s my journey now. I create in a state of Grace. Now I want to build my business is a state of Grace, too. And because we use the Tiny Mind so much for strategy, etc ~ it gets a little more tricky. Thanks for sharing in the most pure way, as always. Thanks for letting me know I’m in good company in my journey. Blessings!

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