Expressing Your Needs and Wants

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“The universe is providing you everything that you need in every given moment.”

At first, I couldn’t believe this. It didn’t feel true.

I felt like I needed to work hard to make things happen. I couldn’t trust the universe. While I knew in my head that everything was always going to work out, I was experiencing anxiety, stress and frustration in my body.

I wasn’t experiencing any freedom and ease around getting my needs met.

I had a hard time identifying what my needs even were, let alone being able to communicate them. And I sure didn’t trust that they were just going to magically be “met” by the universe.

But as I continued to do the process, connecting with what was blocking me from trusting the universe and trusting God, then clear those blocks, I began to have a new relationship with my needs.

I got clear on what I needed.
I began to see how easy it was for those needs to be met by simply asking.
I began to express both my needs and desires.
I no longer perceived life as a struggle. In fact, it felt like effortless flow.

This is the 2nd Learning Pattern in The School for the New Generation Leader: Expressing Needs and Wants Appropriately. (Missed the 1st on Self-Esteem? It’s here.)

Do any of these sound familiar?

I don’t know what to do.
Nobody will do this right unless I do it.
Don’t ask for things.
Suffer in silence.
Don’t help yourself.
Do what men tell you to do.
People won’t give you anything.
Don’t expect any help.
Do what you are told.
Don’t satisfy your own needs.
Nobody understands me.

These are some of the patterns that I personally had around Expressing My Needs and Wants Appropriately.

And on the flip side, I was also hoping that someone was going to come by and save me. Preferably a man on a white horse. Not very empowering.

I felt trapped between wanting someone to do it for me and not trusting that anyone would show up.

This is one of the biggest blocks to leadership: trusting your team and your tribe. It’s hard to ask others to help because you feel like a burden. It’s hard to receive contribution because you don’t feel worthy. It’s hard to trust that anyone will show up and stick around because you’ve been burned and left in the past.

Time to let go.
Time to create a new pattern, a healthy one that empowers your leadership.

If you are resonating with this and feel your heart saying “I’m ready to get my needs met!” then I invite you to go a little deeper and join us for the Live Immersion.

On the other hand, if you feel your mind contracting in the space of overwhelmed because you are doing too much and not trusting others to step in and help you, then I definitely invite you to lean in with me. You will keep experiencing that overwhelm until you clear this one from the root.

The School for the New Generation Leader is now. open for enrollment.

If you are ready to  “unlearn” what’s blocking you on the subconscious level so you can step fully into your purpose on a deeper level with effortless flow, we’ve got our Live lmmersion Program starting on the weekend of June 19-21 in San Diego.

This Live Immersion Program is for those who are ready to do the work. You are …

* tired of holding yourself back and ready to claim the truth of who you are.

* ready to step out from behind the scenes and take center stage to share your gifts with the world.

* ready to uplevel your game completely.

* ready to lead others, facilitate your tribe, and speak your truth.

If you are ready to stand firmly in your commitment to healing yourself and do the required work to really clear yourself at the root level, email and we’ll schedule a call to talk about registration for the Live Immersion Program.


PS. Stay tuned for the next lesson on the 3rd Learning Pattern: Limits and Boundaries.

This one is all about setting effective boundaries for yourself and others, which goes hand in hand with expressing your needs and desires. If you feel like others take advantage of you, you are always getting walked on, and you don’t have enough time for yourself, this is going to be a huge awareness for you.

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