What is truth?

The ultimate truth as we understand it from Gautama Buddha:
Truth of suffering
Arising of suffering
Cessation of suffering
Path leading to the cessation of suffer

Suffering is caused by the craving of a pleasant sensation in the body or the aversion to an unpleasant sensation in the body.

The arising of suffering happens with mind and matter come into contact.

The cessation of suffering happens as we develop the constant thorough understanding that “all is impermanent”.

The Path:
Right Understanding – of what causes and eradicates our suffering
Right Thought – free from violence and aversion
Right Speech – free from lying, slander, backbiting, harsh words and frivolous talk
Right Action – free from killing, stealing and sexual misconduct
Right Livelihood – earn money by right means
Right Effort
Right Awareness
Right Concentration

We cannot teach you the ultimate truth. This can only be discovered by you through your own experience. Not from intellectualizing it.

We highly recommend Vipassana meditation as a starting point:

What is truth telling?

Most people confuse “truth telling” with “story telling” based on your filtered perception of what happened.

Truth telling is free from projections, blaming, complaining or shaming. Truth telling involves taking 100% personal responsibility for your actions and the impact of your actions.

In Tribal Truth, the intention of truth telling is to create more connection and harmony between you and another person.

This does not mean you need to agree!

It means that the outcome is both people can walk away from the conversation in a space of love, understanding and acceptance.

What is co-creative leadership?

I bring my strength and you bring your strength. We are each a spoke in the wheel of life. We each make the wheel turn and move forward. We ask others to join in their unique brilliance as other spokes in the wheel and together we create a community, each bringing his or her strength. Each of us realizing we are enough and we don’t need to overcompensate for our weaknesses or our lack because it is all there in abundance in our strengths. We have plenty. We have enough. We are enough.

What does “integrate purpose and relationship” mean?

It means that one is not more important than the other. Instead, it is the understanding that we are all connected. While there is a physical separation between all of us and each one of us has a specific gift with talents to carry it out, our collective purpose is to self-realize and gain awareness of the truth.

Our members value relationship with one another. We seek intimacy: to be seen, heard and understood by one another. We understand the value of relationship: to ask for and receive support from the community to fulfill our individual and collective purpose.

What is tribe?

Tribe in the new paradigm value and honor diversity of thoughts, opinions, backgrounds and stages of spiritual and emotional development. They are communities based on shared values and visions for the future.

What is vulnerability?

Vulnerability in society is considered to be weak. Here at Tribal Truth, we consider it to be our greatest strength. It provides access to deeper partnership. People feel more connected when they are vulnerable with one another.

To be vulnerable requires trust in yourself that no matter how many times you’ve been hurt in the past, you can still choose love and open up your heart to share.

What is the masculine and feminine?

The masculine and feminine are energies, not specific to men or women. We all have it.

Feminine and Masculine Qualities

Feminine Masculine
gentle strong
sensitive compassionate, sympathetic,tender, understanding, warm and yielding
soft muscular
nurturing a provider
communicative can be aloof, quiet, stoic
intuitive logical, analytical
emotional rational
homemaker homebuilder
close, warm, motherly perhaps distant, an ideal to look up to, to emulate
quiet outspoken
passive, receptive active, assertive, aggressive, courageous, bold
family and inwardly oriented society and outwardly oriented, ambitious
responsive initiating, leading
cooperative competitive
conservative decisive, dominant, forceful, independent
relational individualistic, self-reliant, and adventurous, willing to take risks
power authority

Power (feminine) is the ability to bring various elements and components together to create energy. For example, power is created when lawmakers come together to decide governing rules; people forming an alliance have more power than a single individual in most endeavors. Conversely, authority (masculine) is the ability to enforce and act upon power. Police officers have the authority to enforce the law, but do not have the power to create those laws.

Putting this in perspective for this discussion, it is the power of the feminine to use intuition, to nurture information, and lend emotion, which in turn gives us the authority to act with wisdom, to lead honorably, and do what is right.

Having masculine traits primarily means that a person is independent and assertive. This related to high self-esteem and to success in many situations.

Having feminine traits primarily means that a person is nurturant and interpersonally oriented.  Such people therefore, tend to experience greater social closeness with others.

Both men and women have the ability to express terms used in each column.

People should use traits – as the situation requires.

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