A twist on gratitude

by / Wednesday, 27 November 2013 / Published in Blog

I had a bad taste in my mouth around gratitude growing up … it felt like more of an obligation to be “grateful for what I have.”

This year, I finally got what gratitude is and I found within my heart that I am grateful to be alive.

We normally make a gratitude list of all the amazing things in our lives.

But what about the setbacks? The challenges? The lessons?

When we can truly be grateful for all of what it means to be alive, to be a human being, to be in this lifetime with all of its ups and downs and twists and turns … that’s when we shift our perspective and open up to a whole new possibility.

So many personal development trainings teach you to focus on the positive so you attract the positive.

What they don’t tell you is that underneath it all, you may be in conflict and so you won’t actually attract that positive thing you are thinking about.

Gratitude is acceptance of what is.
Gratitude is letting go of controlling and manipulating and embracing the present moment.
Gratitude is the understanding that all is well, all is perfect even in the midst of the storm.

I’d like to hear from you today … what setback or challenge are you currently going through (or have recently going through) that is actually your greatest blessing?

Please share below in the comments …

Enjoy every precious moment of your day today. Talk to you next week!


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  1. Beckon says : Reply

    Tanya, I love your concept of gratitude. Yes, when we are grateful for everything that comes to us we move from being spiritual children, complaining and/or crying about the difficult challenges in our lives, to spiritual adults who realize that every event in our lives has purpose and meaning.

    Recently, I lost 6 people I love dearly who lived close to me. They all moved to distant places where it is much more difficult for me to connect with them–especially physically. Although I have sadness about this loss, it opened up a huge part of my life to the exploration of Divine Love and I have been making great progress in that realm. So, the personal loss is balanced by the expansion into spiritual love I now enjoy daily.

    Thanks to you for bringing up this topic and sharing your insights on it.

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