Leading from Receiving instead of Depleting

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Have you ever noticed how many people get sick during the holidays, or right after the holidays?

We’re overloaded with holiday parties, stressed out being with family, running around buying gifts, drinking too much alcohol, stuffing ourselves with food.

And if you are a woman who is here to make a difference, chances are you are over-giving, making sure everyone is taken care of, depleting your energy source.

As feminine leaders, it is critical that we practice self-care.

I cannot stress this point enough and if there is ONE thing I want you to do this holiday season it is listen to your body and do what feels good. What nourishes your soul. What feels pleasurable. What feels like a selfish indulgence (whether that is sleep, a bubble bath, dancing or taking a walk in nature).

You cannot lead from a place of depletion. You are not serving anyone, not even yourself. As I wrote in my book:

“Wake up to your own energy source. Wake up to your own vitality. Wake up to your own body’s needs. From this place of self-centered, grounded, conscious relationship to ourselves, we can then interact with the world and sustain the world, from embodiment instead of a bunch of talking heads.

“I’m saying yes to ME today. Saying yes to self-care, wellbeing, and filling my cup so I can give from a place of freedom and joy. Saying yes to my heart’s desire. I can’t be of service to anyone (including myself) if I’m burned out, depleted, exhausted, contracted and an emotional mess. Time to recharge the batteries. Time to fall back in love with myself and radiate that love to others.”

We just passed the Winter Solstice and this is a time to go inward, reflect, hibernate, nurture ourselves.

Today I’ve got 3 resources to help you practice exquisite self-care. Each one requires a little more time on your end, but increases in value.

It’s simple, but not easy. It requires a willingness to commit to yourself. But I know you are a feminine leader and so this is a healthy challenge to help you step into your greatest potential.

Resource #1: Feminine Leaders have self-care rituals to embody their work.

In this week’s Truth Telling Tuesday, I talk about the 3 things that I have learned about self-care so that you can get things done with less stress and more inspiration and energy.

The secret is to lead from the intention of receiving instead of depleting.

Resource #2: Do what feels good.

On yesterday’s Sistership Circle Inspiration call, my friend LiYana Silver shared a really powerful exercise to help you locate your YES so you start to tap into your “turn on” as she calls it.

I highly recommend watching the replay because LiYana has mastered exquisite self-care and has created a successful business from this foundation.

==>> You can watch the replay here:

Resource #3: Be in sisterhood.

We think we need to show up in our tribe as a certain way, with our game face on, able to contribute. But I have found Sistership Circle as the #1 place for me to fill my cup when I’m not in a place to contribute. By showing up in my messiness, I’ve learned that all of me is lovable and that sometimes this is my greatest contribution: my vulnerability and authenticity empowers others. Instead of spiraling down when I’m feeling depleted, I’ve had a safe space to let it all out and get nourished. I’ve learned to receive support when I need it instead of trying to muscle through on my own.

If you are located in San Diego, I’ve got 3 events in January that are all based on the principles of self-care:

Calling All Goddesses
Tues Jan 6 at 7pm
==>> Get deets here <<==

Sistership Circle

Thurs Jan 8 at 6:30pm

==>> Get deets here <<==

Goddess Night Out

Tues Jan 13 at 5:30pm

==>> Get deets here <<==

And if you are anywhere in the world, get your cup filled on Monday Dec 29 at 8:30am PST at our Sistership Activation Gathering. On this call, we’ll be doing a completion ritual for 2014 and setting intentions for 2015.

Hope to see you at one of these gatherings!


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