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If you are an entrepreneur, you know what it is like to keep investing into your business or a big project.

That’s where I’m at and I’ve completely hit an edge.

I need to order the books by Wednesday for the San Diego launch party and I’ve got nothing left. Every dime has gone into self-publishing this book. Credit is maxed. I’ve actually never been at this place before so it feels extremely vulnerable.

I’ve been crying off and on all day. A million limited beliefs have been running through my head.

You are a fraud.
You aren’t worthy.
You are a failure.
Give up.

The list goes on …

I had three important conversations in the past 24 hours that have helped me come back into alignment.

Conversation #1 with Leela: Open your heart to receive.

Last night, I had dinner with my dear friend Leela Somaya and as I shared the process I’ve been going through, she said something like: “It sounds like you are not opening your heart to receive all that is all around you.”

Sometimes, what you need is right in front of your face, you are just too stuck in your head to see it.

Conversation #2 with Laura: You are expanding your capacity.

This morning, I had a collaboration call with Laura Hollick, who said that artists normally don’t allow themselves the opportunity to expand their capacity right before a big launch. That’s why I’m experiencing this pain and discomfort … I am literally stretching myself to be able to hold the energy that could potentially come my way with my book launch.

Laura shared the story about her first International Soul Art Day with 15,000 people showing up, which knocked her down afterwards. She wasn’t “ready” for that energy to be hurling toward her (I’m paraphrasing) … and now I have an opportunity to prepare myself and be ready for it, by the grace of God giving me some big obstacles and all my shit coming up around it.

Conversation #3 with Christina: You are the embodiment of your work.

After I interviewed Christina Dunbar on Google Hangout today, she held space for me to fall apart. How can I embody my work? What is my edge of vulnerability? Well, of course, going public with my process. Asking for support. “But I don’t wanna!” my little voice whined.

Yet here I am. And that’s what makes me powerful in the world. I don’t let an empty bank account stop me. I’m not going to buy into the story that money = self-worth because money doesn’t make me who I am.

We always have a choice:

Be stopped by your circumstance and fail to see the lesson or see the grace of God in the circumstance, flow with it, and grow from it.

I will not be stopped. So I started sharing today. I started asking for support.

My best friend showed up big time. She told me that she’s been here before and now she’s got money in the bank, which she wants to use to support the people in her life, so she’d be happy to lend me the money to order the books. I have been crying in gratitude because this is the second time a best friend has shown up for me when I was on my knees needing support. The other time was in 2011 when my boyfriend broke up with me and one of my best friends opened her home up for me to heal.

I have so much gratitude for being able to see clearly what God wants me to see. This is all part of my healing: Can I open my heart to receive the love and support all around me?


And so I will embody the work and open my heart even wider and ask for your support.

My mind tried to trick me and say, well, you don’t have to share the full vulnerable story since you’re covered for Wednesday. But then I wouldn’t actually be getting the message fully: share from the most vulnerable, authentic place. Be with this — all of it. The details of your story matter. You matter.

I need $868.88 to order the books. Here’s how you can help (and it is ALWAYS a win-win in my world):

** If you live in San Diego:

==>> Pre-order your paperback today here.

I’m only going to have a limited amount of books for sale at the book launch party so this guarantees you will get one! It’s $15 (list price is $19.95) pre-order … pick it up, signed by me, at the book launch party on March 22. If you can’t make it to the party, you can stop by my house for pick up after March 20.

** If you live somewhere else:

==>> Pay-what-you-can for an hour coaching with me.

If you are someone who is stopped by your circumstances, this is the opportunity to break through. This is my genius. I make it happen and I help others make it happen. I help people get out of their heads and see the truth of who they are. I empower you to see your worth and get freed up from the stories and limited beliefs that you’ve bought into from your lineage.

Not clear on what’s holding you back? Not sure on what’s blocking you? That’s what I’m here to help you identify and then move through. No more denial. No more avoiding. Let’s face the truth together so you’ve got someone in your corner, supporting you, rooting you on, as you break through.

Most importantly, I’ve discovered how to balance self-effort with the grace of God so your action is not burning you out. The integration of masculine and feminine, womb and heart, mind and spirit.

An hour with me and you’ll leave transformed and inspired. And if you are really game, I’ll get you to take action right then on the phone with me. Why wait when we can produce results right there in the moment? There can be some major ROI on that hour if you get super intentional. That’s what I’m here for: to serve.

Now you may be at the end of this page and ready to click away … please pause for a moment.

What if taking this one action opened your heart?

What if this book or this hour with me was the thing that shifted everything for you?

How much would that be worth to you?

That’s how I look at this … you are reading this for a reason and you have a choice in this moment to say YES to what the universe has dropped right in your lap.  What I have learned through all this is that everything is being given to us, we simply have to open and receive it.

My ears are perked up, I am paying attention and I am saying YES to everything that is showing up in my life right now. If someone offers me something, I say YES despite any resistance because I know that God has my back and is giving me exactly what I need … it’s up to me to open my heart to receive.

Take a moment to receive from me. While this may seem like it is about me and my book, this is really about you. God is using me as an opportunity for you to receive what you need. Expand. Open. Say YES:

==>> Pre-order your paperback today here.

==>> Pay-what-you-can for an hour coaching with me.

Love with all my heart,

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