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For visionaries who want to change the world through live events and building tribes with Tanya Paluso.

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. What if they are a little course, and your may get your coat solid or torn? What if you do fail, and get fairly rolled in the dirt once or twice. Up again, you shall never be so afraid of a tumble” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You have … a big purpose and have created a conscious business to serve the world, but you aren’t getting your message out in front of enough people.

You feel … stuck and unfulfilled. You’re not really making the money you want and you’re not really creating the vision you desire.

You’re blessed … with many gifts. Cool, right? Nope, you feel confused and overwhelmed. So you hide. And you wait. And you struggle.

TanyaHi I’m Tanya Paluso … the CEO of Tribal Truth, an international organization that hosts local gatherings, workshops and retreats for collaborative leadership development. It started as a network for women entrepreneurs in 2010 and opened its doors to include men in 2013.

I’ve felt the call within me to teach people how to create a leveraged business model using live events. For 5+ years, I have held countless events from fundraisers to launches to social mixers to networking events to gatherings. I’ve produced events that have had up to 740 people attend. And I have established myself as a credible leader who others listen to, follow and support. My latest event offering “Honoring The Masculine-Feminine” has consistently sold out with 100+ people in attendance.

And how did I do that? I got out of my own way. I didn’t think too much, and instead took action. I claimed my space in the world and spoke with conviction and authority. People listened and showed up.I got really good at creating buzz. I got really good at getting people to spread the word for me. It took very little effort on my end to get 90 people to show up at my last event.And you get permission to claim your space in the world. To use your voice. To be visible in your brilliance. To shine as a beacon of light to guide others to their greatness.You too can create events to impact more people.

They get to be fun. Expressing your passion, creativity and talents.

They get to be transformative. An experience that is unforgettable and truly live altering.

They get to be impactful, leaving people touched, moved and inspired to take action.

If you feel intrigued and lit up by the idea of being in front of a room of people who came to learn from you … then you’re my peeps.

If you also feel scared, confused, and overwhelmed by that … I’ve got you covered.

Introducing the “Visibility  VIP Program”

One VIP day. Taking your vision and planning it out step by step.  A deep dive into creating YOUR live event soup to nuts. Start to finish from marketing to content to sales offer to follow up.

You have a vision that could change the world. You know you were brought here to impact thousands if not millions of people. You are already helping others, perhaps in a one on one setting or on the internet. You know you have a gift that is unique and special. You know that people want what you have. And yet because your gift and your business is your dharma, it is so connected to your heart. You are afraid of getting hurt if people say no or ignore your offer. So it is easier to play a little smaller where it is comfortable and safe. You so badly want to be more visible in the world, but have some fear around putting it out there in a big way.

You are afraid they either won’t show up or even worse, if they do, you’ll screw it up and they’ll never come back again.

But what if … you just went for it?

What if you played full out and came out of your box and shouted on Facebook for everyone to look at you and shamelessly promoted the heck out of your event?

What if you had partners who backed you up and vouched for your credibility, promoting your event to their tribes?

What if you created such an amazing, life altering experience for the participants that you couldn’t NOT share it … it’s that good?

And what if this was the breakthrough you were looking for, that would catapult you to the next level in your life and business?

And what if you just needed some mentorship from a leader in the industry who can teach you all the how to’s and hold you accountable to follow through on your commitment to do this thing?

Yay! You’re in luck, cuz that’s me. I’m here to give you a strategy, branding, and visibility throw down. And I go big.

(I haven’t been called Tazmanian Tanya for nothing!)

I am your lightening quick, master plan, get it done genius.

I am brilliant at sales and marketing. I hold deep, powerful space for transformative group processes. I take vision to action very quickly. I get stuff done.

No more confusion. No more overwhelm. No more hiding.

Some indicators that this program might just be your big break…

You’ve paid thousands of dollars to get coached but you keep running up against the same wall—you don’t resonate with the typical biz model. You want your thing to be—well–YOUR thing.

You’re clear on your message and your mission but you’re not making the big bucks — part of you is still hiding (let’s unearth it, rockstar!)

You’re a visionary and you have BIG dreams, but you’re not sure how to chunk them down to make that vision real. You need clear action steps and a master plan. (Done and done!)

So … you have this vision of being on stage leading and guiding people … but you don’t know how to make it happen or if it will be profitable. That’s where I come in.

You’re into support and mentorship, you know that you have to invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you.

You are ready to take the required actions and talk to people and become really good at having effective enrollment conversations that people will say YES to.

Some indicators that you don’t want to join this particular program…

  • You aren’t ready for visibility and major uplevel
  • You don’t feel comfortable getting raw and real and therefore wouldn’t be able to open up to receive support
  • You aren’t ready to take the leap of faith and invest in yourself
  • You are not willing to do whatever it takes to manifest your vision
  • You don’t want to talk to people and ask them to support your vision

Visibility VIP Program Details

You receive: 1 VIP Day 9am – 4pm (in San Diego or via Skype)

We go hard. We go fast. We go big. It’s not called VIP for nothing. Prepare yourself for massive breakthrough + major uplevel. Think of your business at its highest potential. We capture the essence of YOU and your desire and then roll from there.

Includes: Breakthrough coaching, marketing copy, marketing plan, branding, content creation for your event, website how-to training, video how-to training, public speaking, sales offer creation, follow up plan, 90 day action plan.

Why a full VIP Day? Because we get to go really, really deep and have the time and space to map everything out. I have found the most success from full workdays together.

You receive: a 90-day action plan mapped out with your next steps

You receive: 3 follow up monthly mentorship calls

You feeling the excitement? Wanna go for it?


Next steps:

1) Send the completed application to

2) Once received and accepted, you will receive a link to schedule your Clarity Session

3) Call Tanya at your selected time. Please be prompt.

About Tanya: “I’ve coached top business professionals in Mumbai. I’ve led over a dozen Tribal Truth leaders in starting their own tribe. I’ve led masterminds where women have come out six-figure earners in less than a year. I’ve built stages where speakers have walked away with tens of thousands of dollars in their pocket.

I love standing for someone to have a breakthrough. I love brainstorming for new business strategies. I love creating 90 day plans that help someone take a huge step forward in their life and business.”

Past Client Breakthroughs


“Tanya is willing to compassionately challenge you when she sees where you have the potential to step it up, she knows how to ask the questions that allow you to come to your own powerful realizations and she always makes sure to remind you of your own greatness. Tanya offers a unique combination of strategy, knowledge, experience, wisdom, passion, love and a deep commitment to you and to seeing you fully embody your brilliance and your true potential, so that you can have the kind of big impact you so desire to have on the world.”

Jessica Libbey,


“Tanya is the epitome of a leader.  She has an amazing ability to create social change by bringing communities of women together in a way that isn’t just empowering, it’s life-shifting.  Her ability to take a complex problem and encourage input to find a solution is a unique skill to find.  Not only is she moving mountains, she’s inspiring, teaching and uplifting her mission of truth in order to create a better world.  I’ve been so fortunate to stumble upon her brilliance, wisdom and insight.  A true leader can listen, accept, attune and still continue to move forward without judgement or hesitation.  This is Tanya, plus more!”

Jessica Tomlinson,


“Tanya is a born leader. She does not look at a wall as an obstacle she sees it as opportunity to build with. I have personally witnessed her in action taking the most challenging situations and making it a huge success. This woman walks the walk and anyone who gets the privilege to work with her is blessed.”

Hillary Rubin,


“Tanya is an extraordinary catalyst. In a nut shell, she helps women take their visions and make them real. She’s the voice of encouragement, insight, and support that you dream of having in your life…the kind that gets you off your bum and into powerful action. Ever since Tanya came into my life, my business has exploded in the best way possible. Her individual attention as well as her leadership of Mastermind sessions is exactly that – masterful. If you take your work in the world seriously, I can’t recommend highly enough that you work with Tanya.”

KC Baker,


“I was terrified to speak in public, or do anything for that matter, without worrying about what everybody thought or if it was perfect. Then I signed up to work with Tanya and her coaching changed my life. She pushed me, stretched me, made me cry, made me laugh, and made me very, very proud of myself. When you have someone who believes in you and sees your potential when you can’t see it yourself, you can do anything. I’ve had one event and I was terrified of it, but I did it and it went really well. I can stand and say I did it and I can go to sleep at night knowing I accomplished something that I never thought I could do. And … I’ve scheduled my second event! Tanya didn’t quit on me. She won’t quit on you either. Ever.”

Jewels, Orange County


“Tanya is a powerful visionary entrepreneur. She has taught me how to break thru my self-doubt, charge thru procrastination with a clear call to action. Tanya is an excellent role model for women entrepreneurs in all phases of their business(es). Holding so much gratitude for you and how you show up in my world! Thank you!”

Elizabeth Hahn, San Diego

“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down” – Ray Bradbury