Feminine power is a force unlike any other.

However, in all it’s power and glory, it’s a force that’s often squashed and muted. Muted by fear, by the judgements of other women, and perhaps by fearful, angry men. Slowly but surely, thousands of women are awakening to a new realization; their feminine power is alive and can move mountains.

But how?

The answer is relatively simple: feminine power is cultivated through unconditional support and love for oneself and for other women. Women have had a bad rep of breaking each other down. The truth is that women, more than men, more than children, have the power to light up other women. Through the Sistership Circle, our women hold powerful space for each other to open, to be light, to be love and to be true. Through this energy we hear and support each other without expectations, judgements or limitations… and the universe opens up.


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