Being responsible

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My #1 strategy to being an effective leader is …

… being Responsible.

Yep, that’s my strategy.

And the feedback I get over and over again is: “Thank you for being so real and authentic. You are the real deal.”

We crave tribe.
We crave deep, authentic relationships.
We crave sisterhood.

We want to feel deeply fulfilled by our work.
We want to feel like we are making a difference.
We want to feel like our life matters.

If you want tribe, what are you waiting for? Go create it.

If you want to make a difference, what are you waiting for? Take action.

Is it really that simple?

I thought so. And then I realized that there is a bunch of shit in the way. It’s not so simple.

You’ve been conditioned to do it solo.
You’ve been conditioned to wait until someone else tells you what to do.
Whatever your flavor of the conditioning, it is there stopping you from having what you truly want.

Society has trained us to get the quick fix, “spiritual bypassing,” instant gratification, taking the short cut, looking at someone else for the answers.

But no one else is out there.

Let me explain: you are the creator of your world. The outer world is a reflection of your inner state.

This is what I mean by responsibility … when you have the awareness of this simple truth:

There is no one else out there … to save you, fix you, heal you.

This is an inside job.

I remember the moment when everything shifted for me and I finally took 100% responsibility for healing myself. I was at a session with my mentor; we weren’t even halfway through and he asked if there was anything else and I said, “Nothing else to share.” And he said, “session over.”

I looked at him blankly. But I couldn’t say the thing I wanted to say: Heal me. Make me feel better. Do the work for me.

I just sat there dumbfounded.

He told me to go home and do the work. There was nothing more to talk about. Nothing he could do for me. I had to heal myself.

Healer heal thyself.

Healing yourself is about letting go of the subconscious patterning, the dysfunctional belief system programmed in from childhood that keeps you small, separate, afraid and sabotaging yourself and what you say you want.

Healing yourself is about facing your shadow and seeing why things aren’t going the way you want them to go.

Healing yourself is the access to living in effortless flow with the universe, so you are a clear channel to live out your divine purpose.

You can’t truly help others if you aren’t helping yourself.

You can’t expect the world to change and be responsible for itself if you aren’t willing to look in the mirror and own your own shit.

Embodied leadership = responsibility.
Being the role model.
Being the change you wish to see in the world.

This is it. No more blame and shame. No more pointing the finger. No more wanting someone else to do it.

We hear spiritual leaders talking about waking up humanity, stepping into truth, being the shift.

Are you one of those people who are in a major transition to actually “wake up?”

You’ve done the work, you are starting to see clearly what the truth is, and you want to step into it but that last leg of the journey feels a little scary?

That’s where I was a year ago — freaking out and falling apart — with no other choice but to go deep within. I took responsibility for my own healing, to own my part, to be a catalyst and activation for others to follow my lead.

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PS. Stay tuned for the final lesson on the 5th Learning Pattern: Accountability.

This is about Congruency. Alignment. Walking your walk. Being your word.

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