Sacred Journey to Peru: An Immersion Retreat

Have you been dreaming of Peru?

  • Transformational work to release the past led by master facilitators with over 40+ years of combined experience
  • Medicinal Ceremonies with an exceptional shaman
  • Adventure into the Sacred Valley including Machu Picchu
  • Sept 19 – 28 in the Sacred Valley of Peru near Pisac

If Peru has been calling you, follow your intuition and apply now so we can explore the possibility of you joining us (space is limited!)

The Intention

The intention of this immersion is to support you in identifying and “releasing” all that you “learned” from past generations so that you can attract everything you need and step into your purpose on a deeper level with effortless flow.

We learn 80% of everything we know by the time we are 5 years old, yet we don’t develop our logical mind until 7. So if you aren’t learning logically, how are you learning? Experientially and subconsciously. And since there is no link between logic and the subconscious, you will continue to sabotage your own efforts until you clear the subconscious patterning.

The goal of this work is to release and let go of all that doesn’t serve you, the delusions that you have learned from childhood. We get to the root so you can get rid of all that is in the way of fulfilling your highest purpose in this lifetime.

This Retreat takes the curriculum from The School for the New Generation Leader and combines it with sacred plant medicine ceremonies to create the most powerful healing experience of your life.

Our last retreat to Peru in February 2014 was for women only. This time, we have opened it up to be a co-ed experience.


Through this program, you will …

  • Identify patterns from both the Mother Learning and the Father Learning in the 5 categories of: Self-Esteem, Accountability, Responsibility, Expressing Needs & Wants; and Limits & Boundaries
  • Work through resistances that come up … the closer you get to the root of the “untruth,” the harder it gets to release it. We will support you in finding the strength and courage to break through.
  • Learn four subconscious release techniques to let go at the deepest root level, including physical, subtle, and emotional methods.
  • Learn both new Life Skills (intimacy, vulnerability, spirituality, and more) + Leadership Skills to fulfill your highest purpose.
  • Uncover what’s in the way of you stepping into the world empowered and competent in your next level of leadership.
  • Know yourself (in every cell of your body) as an embodied leader with a clear plan of action to move forward.

The Benefits

  • Breaking though your upper limit in terms of highest purpose and leadership and freedom to step into what’s next for you
  • Increased self-esteem and self-worth
  • Increased sense of belonging and connection with others
  • Increased joy and happiness
  • Ability to communicate your limits and boundaries with others effortlessly
  • Ability to ask for what you need and desire from others
  • Peace of mind
  • Stronger relationship with God and Mother Earth
  • Deeper intimacy in all of your relationships
  • Decreased agitation, dissatisfaction, frustration and “being triggered”
  • Feeling unstoppable in moving through your fears, doubts and worries


Layout of the Retreat

Part 1: Healing the Mother Wound

For the first 3 days, we will dive deep into what you learned from the Mother Archetype and specifically how to get your NEEDS met so you do not burn yourself out while serving others. Mother is related to the gut – trusting your intuition, digesting ideas, and processing emotions.

We will complete the section with an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Part 2: Healing the Father Wound

After a short break where you can go hiking, horse back riding or just chilling, we will begin to explore the learnings from the Father Archetype. This includes your relationship to self, others, career, purpose, and money. Father is related to the heart – trusting yourself, God and putting your heart into what you do.

We will complete the section with a San Pedro ceremony.

Part 3: Integration

After intense clearing, we come to a blank slate, an empty canvas. Now what do you want to create? For the final two days, we will design our lives to be congruent with the truth of who we are. You will leave with a clear plan to implement new ways of being and new actions to take in your life and career.


Fly into Cuzco, Peru on Friday Sept 19, 2014.  The retreat will end on the evening of Sunday Sept 28. Fly back home on Monday Sept 29.

* As of August 15, flights from LAX were under $900.

Registration includes double occupancy accommodation, two plant ceremonies and all meals on site from Friday evening til Sunday evening. Meals are healthy with fresh, local produce prepared daily by our chef. We accommodate all dietary restrictions.

You are responsible for your flight, transportation to and from the retreat center, any meals purchased outside of the retreat center, and any extracurricular activities.

** We will be organizing an optional overnight trip to Machu Picchu via the train.

Space is limited to 10 people (this is a co-ed retreat). Please apply so we can explore the possibility of you joining us!


Feeling a YES but afraid to leap?

If your gut and heart are saying “yes” but your mind has resistance, concerns, doubts and fears, you are in the right place!!!

What we most want and need will always bring up fear. What if it’s too expensive? What if it doesn’t work for me? What if I have a bad experience? What if my partner doesn’t want me to go?

Just for a moment, tell your mind to be quiet so that I can speak to that part of you that knows that you called this retreat in for a reason. There is no coincidence that you are reading this page right now; the universe is always giving us exactly what we need.

This retreat will uplevel your life. There is no way around it. I am known as an activator. Barry is known as a wise sage. If you spend time with us, you will see something in yourself that you never saw before — perhaps you were avoiding it or perhaps it was completely hidden from your view. We will activate your vision. We will activate your power. We are committed to standing for your greatness and holding space for you to claim it.

Here is our intention for the retreat: we are each holding onto something from our past … what would be possible if you fully let that go and surrendered to be the truth of who you are? What would open up in your life? What would your life look like?

This retreat is designed to shift and alter your way of being. You will have an opportunity to fully own your power and breakthrough all your old patterns of how you relate to yourself, your tribe and the world. This retreat is designed to have you embody being a new generation leader so you shift from forcing, controlling, and efforting to receiving, allowing, and being.

The new generation leader draws a line in the sand, saying “the ancestral wounding stops with me.”

The new generation leader stands in truth and has done the deepest work to become free from these limitations, essentially what is not real, “untruths.”

The new generation leader taps into the infinite source of wisdom and strength to be the light for the next 7 generations.

Society has not taught us how to be our authentic selves. Nor can you read a book on it and get it. It’s only through experience that you will embody the truth of who you are. This is an invitation to step fully into who you are as a leader — no shame, no apologies, no holding back — and surrender so you become a conduit for the divine. You are a powerful co-creator with spirit. It’s time to let go and trust.

Your subconscious has been programmed with a lot of fear, doubt and worry. That’s not who you are, that’s what you learned. It is not truth, it is delusion. And it will continue to run your life, sabotaging your efforts until you go to the root and clear it.

How do you clear it? We clear the subconscious through a process that Barry has been guiding people through for over 30+ years. It has been scientifically proven. It has worked for thousands of other people, and will work for you too if you do the work.

The simple act of saying YES to your heart’s desire to join the tribe in Peru is the first step. Trust.

There is nothing for you to figure out. Trust.

You are already supported. Everything will show up to support you in claiming your YES — the money, the childcare, the agreement from your partner. Once you say yes, providence moves. Anything is possible. Do this one for YOU, my love. And we’ll see you in Peru.

Rave Reviews about the Peru Retreat

jessI’m so grateful that I trusted the calling to come to Peru. Because I trusted myself, and Tanya’s gentle leadership I have expanded beyond what I ever thought was possible. Before Peru, I was feeling stuck. Stuck in an energy of restlessness that couldn’t break free. I was in the process of creating my website, discovering what it really means to honor my needs and integrate the feeling of abundance between both. Peru has helped me integrate through Tanya’s beautiful, powerful activities and the grace of this land, I am healing the feminine. I have a softer strength now. The plant medicine of Peru has brought me closer to myself. They have opened up my power. I feel alive and ready to live my truth because of Tanya, the experience and the magic of Peru.

Jess Tomlinson, Las Vegas

monicaI said yes to this retreat at a time when I was amidst deep personal changes, and beginning a new life. Although practically it stretched me, I felt a YES in every cell of my body and I listened to that. Tanya’s fluid intuitive leadership was such a refreshing change from all the other experiences I’ve had. I felt received unconditionally and she created a container where I could safely go deeper than I have ever gone. I am a purist and initially resisted the idea of a medicine ceremony but now, having this experience behind me, I am so grateful to have experienced this powerful medicine. I surrendered completely and my experience was both exquisite and exactly what I needed to move forward. This was a trip of a lifetime and something I will never ever forget. I came to heal the wounds of the womb and voice and I did that and so much more. I feel connected and filled up by all of life. I have come home at peace with myself, my journey and have many tools to assist me moving forward with joy, elegance and creativity.

Monica Fraser, Kelowna BC

jordannaI came here with a knowing of where I was headed, and a desire to ground into and fully embody certain qualities that I thought would get me to where I was going in life. But Peru cracked me wide open. It validated and clarified where those desires were true for me, and where they were simply part of a defensiveness that was no longer needed. It led me to deep insight into the parts of myself I had been clinging onto out of safety and ego, and the parts of me that are my deepest and most beautiful embodiment of me. I have gained healing where I didn’t know I needed it, joy where I didn’t know it was possible, gratitude for every aspect of my journeys, and an aliveness and embrace of life in a bigger and deeper way than I could have ever fathomed.

Jordanna Eyre, San Diego


elleSpending valuable time in the heart of the sacred valley in Peru has been an empowering and awakening experience. I have reconnected with nature by hiking to the top of Waynu Picchu and exploring new lands. This one of a kind adventure is the opportunity of a lifetime and has enabled me to fully step into my divine feminine essence. The humble, yet comfortable accommodations are a delight to the senses complete with fireplace, kitchen, nutritious and delicious foods, and a friendly welcoming staff. Tanya is an experienced traveler and leader who facilitates powerful workshops which will help you to transform from what feels like a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly by the end of the retreat. After 11 days of transformation and discovery, I am leaving the Sacred Valley feeling more in touch with who I am, more balanced and centered, and more in love with life!

Elle Angel, Sacramento

About The Facilitators

greenBarry Green, PhD

Over 50,000 hours private practice plus

Over 50,000 hours teaching plus

Over 50,000 hours personal work

First scientific study of Body Psychology

Modern “father” of Massage Body Mechanics

50 hour Massage Marathon Record Holder

Creator of first graduate program in Holistic Psychology

Author of 2 holistic texts

Founder and developer of 5 schools

His work has been copied, but never equaled

Over the many years of teaching and private practice, Dr. Green has received innumerable accolades and testimonials. Here are a few:

“…you have the unique ability to see things as they really are and make positive moves to relate that knowledge… life will never be the same.” JK

“How do I wholly articulate the amazing experiences of you and your work…I sit here daunted about how to give it justice. I no longer suffer from the irreversible mood disorder I was once diagnosed with.” EL

“…you have been such an inspiration in my life since day #1. For me you have been an amazing demonstration of trust, understanding, compassion and the ability to be clear…” MR

“Three years ago I was in terrible shape…today I feel a peace and joy I could not have imagined back then.” MB

“…you have shifted my life in so many ways…teaching me that anything is possible and reversible.” BW

“I am gaining my ability to be truly vulnerable…this means more to me than I ever realized..” EW

“Your embodiment and sharing of the great teachings you have received has been and continues to be a source of great inspiration for me.” MB

“Barry working with me has been an indescribable experience. I have always known that something spectacular would happen to me in this lifetime, but this has been so much more than I have ever imagined.” SD

“I have had so many shifts in my life because you have given me the tools that I needed…I feel blessed to have gotten all the learning that you had to offer.” JC

Tanya PalusoTanya Paluso

Tanya Paluso is an internationally renowned leader in the women’s empowerment movement. She is the CEO of Tribal Truth, an organization that has impacted thousands of people’s lives and businesses around the world through live and virtual events since 2010.

In her own lifelong search for truth and freedom from China to New York City, Tanya has learned how to walk her talk and teaches the power of vulnerability and authenticity. She is known for being a community builder and empowering leadership in others. In her best-selling book Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader, she gives people permission to be real and rise up to their full potential.

Tanya has been facilitating, coaching and leading groups of people since 2006. In addition to co-facilitating The School for the New Generation Leader with Barry Green, she trains women in facilitating Sistership Circles for Tribal Truth. She also brings women on pilgrimages to sacred places around the world such as Peru and Sedona, Arizona.

“Tanya is an extraordinary catalyst. In a nut shell, she helps women take their visions and make them real. She’s the voice of encouragement, insight, and support that you dream of having in your life … the kind that gets you off your bum and into powerful action. Ever since Tanya came into my life, my business has exploded in the best way possible. Her individual attention as well as her leadership of Mastermind sessions is exactly that – masterful. If you take your work in the world seriously, I can’t recommend highly enough that you work with Tanya.” — KC Baker,

Tanya is at her best when you are really challenged, ready to give up, or just don’t know what to do next. She excels at guiding others in defining clear goals, aligning passion with practical strategies for creating purpose-driven action.Thanks Tanya for not allow me to fail or stay stuck in my old patterns!” — Nigel Be Benjamin, San Diego

“Working with her, through coaching, workshops, three of her retreats and her high-end mastermind program has brought me to a new level of knowing that I’m enough, being able to communicate my truth, and living into my power that I didn’t even know I needed to find; and am now eternally grateful for. I don’t know a single leader who walks their talk as much as Tanya does, especially in the realm of what it really means to be a woman in this world. The depth of the work she does on herself has inspired and supported me in what I’m capable of in my own life and business. If you’re looking to go deep in your own life or business, to find your truth and align your life with the beauty that is you, I highly recommend you choose Tanya to support you in that journey.” — Jordanna Eyre,