The Embodiment of Freedom

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I got back late last night from an EPIC adventure in Big Sur. After working hard for the past 2 months on all the little details required to launch my book, I needed a break. It ended up placing #2, which exceeded my expectations, thanks to my tribe 🙂

Here’s a pic of me soaking in the hot springs after a 10 mile trek into the wilderness.

Yes, this may be a little risque, but it is the EMBODIMENT of my FREEDOM, which is what I’m all about. And it leads perfectly into why I’m writing this morning. I am extending a very SPECIAL invitation to you to join me at …

The Feminine Freedom Unplugged LIVE event on April 12.

I have been putting on live events for the past 4 years and leading a one day experience is my favorite. And this one in particular is going to be really special because it is the culmination of my journey.

Let me explain:

Last year, I was on a journey deep into the dark night of the soul. And I have emerged. There were weeks last summer when I couldn’t get out of bed. Depression … no energy to do anything. Hopelessness … when will this end? Will it ever? I didn’t know who I was. I felt trapped. I felt suffocated by everything I had created. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to do anything. I did the bare minimum to get by. I learned to trust that God’s got my back.

Things shifted in December and January when I finally LET GO. I tumbled down a rabbit hole that was deep, dark and scary. When I emerged out of it, I felt like a completely different person. I felt like I had cleansed myself of all that had held me back for years. I felt connected with my soul. I felt like I finally had the freedom to express myself … all of myself.

This event, Feminine Freedom Unplugged is my soul’s expression. A calling from my soul to yours. It is an opportunity for you to look at your own freedom.

What’s holding you back from your soul’s calling?
Where in your life are you not fully expressing yourself?
Where in your life are you afraid of being SEEN?

As women, we hide our essence. We are afraid of being SEEN. We are afraid of being HEARD.

No more. This is the calling cry of my book: we will no longer suffer in silence. We will speak up. We will be seen in all our radiance and joy and vibrancy and sexiness.

Living completely on purpose and being in effortless FLOW.
Having mind blowing SEX that makes you GLOW.
Having that break through with MONEY so you stop feeling limited in what you can and cannot do.
Completely letting go of the past so you are FREE with no expectations, no limitations, no inhibitions to be YOU.

Full permission to just let yourself BE … that’s where your joy and happiness lies.

Who would NOT take up an opportunity to be IN THIS ENERGY for a full day with the sisterhood tribe?

Seriously. I want you to be there.

==>> “I’m IN!” Click here

You will go through some exercises and activities with me that I have personally been using over the past 6 months to get me to this place in my life where my heart is blown wide open, I just hit best seller status with my book and have allowed myself to again fall head over heels in love despite being burned in the past. I feel the most comfortable in my skin that I’ve ever felt in my life. I am glowing and healthy. I feel completely comfortable speaking my truth. I have the audacity to ASK for whatever I need and want and it feels fantastic.

And the best thing … I know I just went to the next level in my life and business and instead of working working working more to sustain the momentum, I took the time to PAUSE this past weekend and take care of myself. Never before would I have thought that was possible. In the past I would have plowed right through and burned myself out, sabotaging my success. Not any more.

Do you want that? To balance your life and business? To have the FREEDOM to take care of yourself? To stop pleasing others and start putting yourself FIRST?

Come join us.

“Yes! I’m in!” ==>>

I’ve invited a couple other key teachers to bring even MORE amazing energy to the day!

Cory Michele Johnson is one of the most powerful women I know. She will be taking you through a money breakthrough exercise that, let me tell you, has helped women bring in $10K in a week from nothing. I’ve seen it.

Ben and Jen Rode, my friends who just moved into a retreat center in Rancho Santa Fe, will come to lead one of their Explosive Sexual Healing exercises. For me, getting in tune with my sexuality has been critical to freeing my voice and feeling comfortable in my body. Women have been suppressed in their sexuality and this is THE KEY to our freedom.

Adelle Juliet will be leading some dance … she rocks my world every Wednesday evening with her movement class for women. You’ll love this part to integrate the learnings from the day into your body.

So what you do think? You going to join us?

If you ARE available, grab your ticket and feel free to bring as many women friends as you want for this special price of only $20. The price goes up tomorrow …

==>> Go to

If you are NOT available, please forward this email to a friend in your life who lives in SoCal so she can take advantage of the special.

Thanks for being part of this empowered tribe and I’ll see you soon!




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