One full day for you to experience your feminine freedom.

Sisters, Goddesses, Artists and Women with Vision,

I’d like to introduce you to what it means to be a new generation feminine leader.

  • She trusts despite being burned, hurt and shamed.
  • She takes a stand for her freedom by no longer suffering in silence. She receives graciously and allows the process to unfold.
  • She understands the power of being present in the moment, listening to her internal guidance.
  • She knows that her beauty and strength lies in her vulnerability, asking for help and accepting contribution from others.

A new generation feminine leader has no apologies for displaying her raw emotions, no fear of being seen, and no shame in expressing her voice.

I am a new generation feminine leader. I draw my line in the sand and declare that the ancestral feminine wounding stops with me. I am part of a new generation. I make my own choices. I lead my own life in truth.

And so do you. Can you feel it? Will you own it?

You are a new generation feminine leader. And so I’m extending an invitation for you to join me for a one-day event where you get to experience the freedom of unplugging from the old system and plugging into the power of the feminine.

Join us!





The past four years …

I’ve gathered hundreds of women in sisterhood to support each other’s dreams and visions. As Tribal Truth reached different parts of the world, I discovered four keys to unlocking our individual and collective freedom to have the life of our dreams:

Open Your Heart To Receive

Are there times when you’ve been burned in the past? Have you gotten your heart broken? To be a woman who is free to love, she must open her heart despite the fear of getting hurt again. Your power lies in your courage and strength to allow in all the love and contribution surrounding you.

Express Your Orgasm

Speaking your truth is directly related to expressing your orgasm. Your power as a woman lies within your womb. This is your intuition, your creativity and your sexual energy. If you are not fully liberated in your sexuality, there is a good chance you are suppressed in other areas of your life. It’s time to turn on your passion and stoke your inner fire.

Own Your Worth

The number one struggle for women who are here to make a difference is monetizing their passions. To charge what you are worth requires owning your value. Do you get how much you matter? Do you understand that only you can do what you do and that people need you? Money is simply an energy that will flow into your life with ease and grace once you own who you are and what you bring to the table.

Healing The Sisterhood Wound

Women have been turned against each other. Mean girls. Competition. Jealousy. Over and over again, women come to me saying that they want more authentic relationships with like-minded women. They want to talk about their heart’s desire instead of gossip. They want to have meaningful, purposeful friendships. We crave the sisterhood. We need the real sisterhood. When we come together as a collective with open hearts, full self-expression and a stand for our value, we will change the world.


Feminine Freedom Unplugged LIVE is …

A container for you to dive deep into your own soul. It is more than sitting in circle and talking about our dreams … it’s a sacred container to call in your power and take some serious action.


Tap into your Goddess Kali. Release the old. Burn up the doubts and fears that stop you from your full self-expression. Own your right to say NO. Get clear on your boundaries and have your YESssssss explode with potency.


Forget what you should do. What lights you up and makes you come alive? What does your soul ache for? Find the heat in your belly, the love in your heart, and the song in your throat.


The feminine is fun. The feminine dances. She flows. She follows her little girl who knows what feels right.


Stand in your power. Find that stillness that gains rapt attention. Be the high priestess who channels spirit and creates a space of inspiration and empowerment for others.


Embody your feminine power! Tickets are $197. Grab your early bird ticket now until 4/7 for $49


Saturday April 12
9am – 6pm
Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, a luxury destination hotel located in Carlsbad, California

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We are holding space for you to …

Liberate your mind. Embody your essence. Express your soul.

Step out of the box, you don’t have to live by the rules any longer. You can play the game the way YOU want to. You have full permission to be YOU, no apologies needed. Let go of the systems and structures that have confined you.

It’s time to …

  • Free yourself from the limitations that have held you back from speaking your truth
  • Feel alive in your sexuality and own your body
  • Stop selling your soul and come into alignment with the truth of who you are
  • Let go of the illusions, the things they have told you about how you should be, what you should look like and what you should do

Let’s get real. Let’s be authentic. Let’s be FREE.


What to expect …

  • Experience a new level of freedom in your expression so that you feel like you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose
  • Identify what’s holding you back from: playing a bigger game, making more money, receiving love, and speaking your truth
  • Breakthrough limited beliefs around your value so that you feel empowered to ask for what you are worth
  • Create new authentic and deep sisterhood connections that support you and your purpose
  • Discover your inner feminine power and find the courage to own it and express it that leaves others inspired
  • Tons of play, movement and fun
  • Surprise guest speakers and facilitators

JOIN Feminine Freedom Unplugged LIVE …

The Time

Saturday April 12th from 9am-6pm

The Place

Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, a luxury destination hotel located in Carlsbad, California

The Journey

We are going to take you on a Goddess journey. An artist’s journey. A woman’s journey. A heroine’s journey.

  • This is an experiential event
  • You won’t be sitting in a seat listening to us speak all day
  • We’ve planned creative activations
  • Journaling play
  • Perhaps even some adornment rituals
  • And plenty of time for you to connect in sisterhood with like-minded, powerful women


Express your freedom! Tickets are $197. Grab your early bird ticket now until 4/7 for $49

Saturday April 12
9am – 6pm
Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, a luxury destination hotel located in Carlsbad, California

Register Now


About the Hostess: Truth Telling Tanya

Tanya Paluso is an internationally renowned leader in the women’s empowerment movement. She is the co-founder of Tribal Truth, an organization that brings women together to connect and support each other’s dreams through sisterhood gatherings. Tribal Truth has impacted thousands of people’s lives and businesses around the world through live and virtual events since 2010.

In her own lifelong search for truth and freedom from China to New York City, Tanya has learned how to walk her talk and teaches the power of vulnerability and authenticity. She is known for being a community builder and empowering leadership in others. She gives people permission to be real and rise up to their full potential.

Tanya has been facilitating, coaching and leading groups of people since 2006. Her signature program, Leading In Truth, takes women through the Co-Creative Leadership process. She also brings women on pilgrimages to sacred places around the world such as Peru and Sedona, Arizona.

Guest Facilitators and Speakers

Cory-hmeCory Michelle Johnson has an elegance with energy and space, her intuitive sense dives into the depth of an issue to unlock it in seemingly non related places that result in total life change.   She is playful, fun and of course juicy, breaks the rules of your traditional business coach and helps you achieve the life you came to live, juice and all.

She is a facilitator with the dynamic body of work Access Consciousness and Radiant Design, seasoned entrepreneur, speaker, trainer and author.  Cory plays with space and energy to assist people in creating the life they came to live. You can learn more about Cory at
BJ-007Ben Rode has been studying sex and sexuality since he was 17, and started coaching shortly after. He is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, sex educator, Hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner. This unique combination of skills allows him to access the body and mind at the same time, creating breakthrough transformations in any area of his clients life with a modality he has been developing for the last 3 years called Explosive Sexual Healing.

Jen Rode is a professional speaker, author, intuitive counselor, mother, reiki master teacher and clairvoyant medium who works primarily with the angelic realm. Having experienced sexual abuse as a child, her mission in life is to help the world release sexual shame & trauma, and to heal the divine feminine and integrate the divine masculine. Visit

devDevorah Bry has been working therapeutically and facilitating rites of passages for girls, women, men, and couples for over a decade. She received an ordination from the IM School of Healing Arts in 2004 and received her masters degree in Somatic Psychology in 2007. She is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and has extensive training in a variety of body-oriented healing modalities, including Somatic Experiencing, a trauma resolution therapy, and Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy, a gentle hands-on alignment of the body’s subtle inner rhythms.

At essence, Dev is a dancer. She is a certified Soul Motion™ teacher and offers movement ministry throughout the world.

She is the founder and co-creator of the annual HoneyRoot Women’s Retreat, an event devoted to Feminine Embodiment, Sisterhood, and Intergenerational Collaboration. You can learn more at:

In addition to supporting the re-awakening of the Feminine, assisting couples in the spiritual dance of relationship is one of Dev’s greatest gifts and deepest passions.