Human Beings beg to be heard and understood.

In an attempt to deconstruct the mysteries of the opposite sex people use books, therapy, Human Resource specialists, friends and other advice promising tools that may be wonderfully informative but still missing something. Honoring the Masculine and the Feminine Events are the catalysts for redefining communication and partnership from the bedroom to the conference room. Imagine what is possible when we are truly heard and fully listening. For us to create true, effective, balanced partnership on the planet, we must remember how to do this. Join us for an experience unlike any other.

Am I Ready?



What if women listened to your truth without judgment, interruption or blame? How would it feel to have the floor to share anything and everything you want about your experience as a man?

What would be possible in your life if you were supported by powerful brothers who you could share a bond deeper than just football and beer?

What if you were held, nurtured, loved and supported by the feminine to be exactly you, as a man?

What if you could speak freely about how you want the feminine to show up for you and that it is received and met?

Would it serve you to feel honored, respected and appreciated by the feminine?

Brian Boyd

“To hear parts of my stories being spoken by other men. To hear and be heard in a place of curiosity and openness to bettering the communications between men and women. My heart felt soothed and loved, and this continues into today. It was an experiencing of what I see as true community: communications borne from love to further a healthy growing together. I’m impressed in how you prepared the energy of the room and carefully managed the flow of conversations.  Simply beautiful.” 

Brian Boyd

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What if there was a possibility that courageous and empowered men could meet you as an evolved, powerful woman?

What if you could feel safe to be your full self-expression with men?

What if you could really understand the man’s point of view so you could have more love and acceptance in your heart?

What if you could embrace your empowered feminine AND attract a thriving man in the process? That it didn’t have to be an EITHER/OR but an AND?

What if you could have healthy, safe relationships with men as friends and colleagues without any worry of sexual advances?

What would it look like in your life if men were not a threat, but instead a huge contribution to your personal and professional development?

Nancy Parker

“In deep reverence I sat and listened to the concerns, struggles and challenges facing men in our world today. What a gift to be given so many clear reflections from such a diverse group of beautiful beings! Thank you to all who made the choice to SHOW UP last night, and who continue to SHOW UP for their families, loved ones, country and the world. It was an honor to sit in circle with this amazing community of men and women taking the time to transform this world by transforming ourselves, and by serving as an EXAMPLE. Infinite blessings and gratitude to us all.” 

Nancy Parker, San Diego

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