Test – Are you willing to open your heart and lean in to collaborate and connect with other like-minded change agents?

Imagine speaking boldly about your dream, standing confidently that you can make it a reality, and having a tribe around you, believing in you every step of the way.

Imagine being that source of inspiration and empowerment for others in your tribe who also have a dream so they also feel fulfilled.

We all crave tribe right now because of the fundamental truth that we are all connected. And we want to have that feeling of connection, to know that we are not alone, to know that we are part of something greater. It gives us a sense of purpose and meaning, a feeling of fulfillment.

We all have a dream, and that dream ultimately comes down to happiness. To do what we love, be around people we love, and be in love with ourselves.

The dream fulfillment is living an integrated, whole life. That your work, your relationships and your spirit are all in alignment.

Tribal Truth offers the Opportunity of our lifetime: To be the rock that humanity needs right now. To embody co-creation and collaboration. To be one. Connected. Whole. Fulfilled.

When you feel fulfilled and own your power, and then take the hand of the person standing next to you and co-create from a place of strength and abundance, we will change the world.

It is our time to come together as a tribe.

And yet, we have not been taught by society to really work together as one tribe. Our egos keep us separate, alone and in fear. Our lives get busier and busier and we quickly forget about our vision and our inspiration.

So how do we do it?

How do we create community that sticks together through thick and thin?

How do we handle our upsets and frustrations with one another when they come up?

How do we embrace the darkness when all we want is the light?


Tribal Truth offers:

  • A safe space to embody leadership: owning your worth, communicating authentically, and collaborating to make our visions a reality.
  • An environment to learn together what real community looks and feels like.
  • A training playground to grow and develop yourself.
  • An opportunity to create a new model of co-creative leadership for the rest of the world to emulate and follow.
  • A safe space to develop deep partnership between women and women, men and men, and women and men.

This is a new lifestyle, a new paradigm.

You have full permission to screw up, fail, crash and burn.

You have full permission to forgive yourself when you do so.

And you have full permission to love your tribe despite their imperfections and mess ups.

Tribal Truth is a conversation for healing.

Tribal Truth is a safe space for you to be fulfilled: living a life of love, freedom and happiness. To self-realize. To take full personal responsibility for your life. To have a loving and compassionate respect for yourself and others. To reflect on your deepest desires and look at how you can be fulfilled.

Tribal Truth is a sacred space for true collaboration and co-creation. We are not alone. We are not separate. We are all connected and once we discover this, we can start to vulnerably share the truth. Through authentic truth telling, we can build trust first within ourselves and then with the people in our community.

Tribal Truth is a lesson. We are each leaders in our own lives. We are each learning how to lead from our hearts and not just from our brains. We are learning to connect instead of run away, go through the eye of the needle to get the exact lesson we need to take the next step forward on our journey.

Tribal Truth is an embodied experience. It is a place where you show up fully in the present moment and receive whatever comes up with open arms. That may mean someone pisses you off or upsets you. In that moment you have a choice to love or to react in fear.

We carry so many wounds that extend back generations. It is time to let it go and move forward together as one united community.

Tribal Truth is a platform for our voices. To speak up after being shut down. To declare our truth that inspires others to do the same. To listen with openness. To allow one another to shine in brilliance. To claim our own brilliance when for so long we have dimmed our light.

Tribal Truth is a real community. We work out our difference. We accept each other’s weakness and compliment each other’s strengths. We let go of our expectations, judgments and prejudices. We stop trying to control, manipulate and fix one another. We celebrate the breakdowns and the breakthroughs. We embrace the darkness as much as the light. We have one another’s backs. We lift one another up. We stand for one another.

We lead by example. We call one another out with compassion. We are love. We are one. This is the future of our world. As difficult as it is to walk this path, we are committed.


We know deep in our hearts that this is the way we create peace on the planet.

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